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The Talkabout is an official publication of the ATCA.  It is published four times a year and includes club news, educational articles, information on member accomplishments and activities with their dogs.

The Talkabout is FREE (via email) to ATCA Members.   If you, as an ATCA member, would like a hardcopy of the Talkabout, you may order it through the Aussie Store  using the options on the Members Talkabout Product. 

If you are not an ATCA member, you are welcome to sign up for the either the email version of The Talkabout or the mailed hardcopy version through the Aussie Store  using the options on the non members product.

ATCA Members may purchase color advertising (front cover pages, back cover pages, and full color pages,  These ads may be purchased  through the Aussie Store under Talkabout Ads.  Send the ad material to the Talkabout Editor at:  Susan Mason, Editor, 6435 Water Works Road, Mount Olive, AL 35117-3506  or email to:

Contact Susan Mason at: if you are placing a Talkabout Ad.

Contact the Talkabout Editor at the email address above for information and pricing for the “Mix & Match” Talkabout Ad sale.

Talkabout Advertising Information: 

Advertising Information and Specifications

Miscellaneous Ad Layouts


For the balance of 2024, all ATCA members can purchase Full Color Page Ads of $50, (excluding the Front and Back Covers).  Take advantage of this opportunity to advertise your litters, stud dogs or your favorite Aussie.

Contact Susan Mason at: if you are placing a Talkabout Ad.  You may purchase the ad in the Aussie Store.  Use the Full Page Color Ad product for $50.

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