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The initials PROM and PROMX stand for Performance Register of Merit and Performance Register of Merit-Excellent.

These are titles given by the Australian Terrier Club of America to dogs owned or bred by ATCA club members. The Australian Terriers that have been given those initials are in an elite group of dogs that have produced enough first generation Performance titled offspring to be awarded the title.

However, it also helps us as breeders to know that our breeding programs are moving in the right direction, breeding dogs that consistently produce quality within the breed.

The registry is also a history of our breed and a roadmap of quality within our pedigrees as it shows the many dogs that are top producers.

Revision 3 Effective 2/4/2024

By awarding a PROM and/or PROMX title to deserving producers, it gives ATCA a permanent record of Aussie history and will serve as a learning tool in pedigree study and research. 

The PROM or PROMX titles will be conferred once an Aussie has produced a designated number of first generation Performance Titled offspring.


Please read the PROM & PROMX Instructions first.

Fill out the application form online, download and save.

Email completed form along with dog’s photo to:  Darlene Evans at:


Awards Updated 2-6-24

List of PROM Sires and PROM Dams


List of PROMX Sires and PROMX Dams

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