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ATCA Members Award - AKC Titles

ATCA offers to any ATCA member a complimentary plaque with title bars for any AKC title (conformation, companion or performance) that your Aussie achieves. 


-ATCA Awards are complimentary and are for members only.

-In the case of co-ownership in performance and companion events, the handler of the dog must be an ATCA member. For conformation, the award will be made to the member whose name is listed first on the registration.

-The title applied for must have been acquired after the person becomes an ATCA member.

-Additional plaques may be ordered and paid for by written request to the Awards Chair accompanied by payment.

-All title awards must be applied for by the member to the Award’s Chair and the AKC title certificate must accompany the request.

-Awards must be applied for within 24 months of the title date.  Awards are retroactive beginning January 1, 2010.                                               

If you have question or want to apply, please send your request and a copy of the AKC title certificate for each title to Susan Saulvester at

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