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AKC Parent Club Member 1977
Founded 1958



Lifetime Membership Status is conferred by a vote of the Board and announced at the Annual Meeting. Candidates for Lifetime Membership must already hold an ATCA active  Membership and reside in the United States.

Nominations for Lifetime Membership must be made in writing to the Recording Secretary, giving the reason for this honor, at least six months prior to the Annual Meeting. Basic qualifications for this type of membership are making an important and lasting contribution to the Club in a form other than holding office, such as long and varied service to the Club.

Lifetime Members pay no dues and enjoy all the privileges of the Club including the right to vote and hold office.





             Sue Bachman

Not only is she a good friend but she has been a good friend to several Australian Terrier Owners.  Sue became a member of ATCA in 1988.  During all of these decades she has activity served wherever needed, officer, board member, chairman or a committee member.

Today she is Chairman of the Futurity Committee and was instrumental in the formation of that Committee.  She is also Co-Chair to the Archives Committee.   She is also a Judges Mentor and has mentored several people over the years.   Ryba Kennels has always been available to assist Rescue in kenneling, placing or evaluating Rescues.

Sue and Robbie Ryse formed the RYBA Kennels and when Robbie decided she was no longer interested in the breeding of Australian Terrier, Teresa Schreeder became part of RYBA Kennels.  This kennel continues to produce outstanding Aussies.  Sue continues to mentor anyone interested in the Australian Terrier whether it is breeding, showing, or companionship.

I believe it is time that ATCA recognizes all of the effort and time that Sue Bachman has dedicated to the Australian Terrier Club of America and to the Australian Terrier. 




Ida Ellen Weinstock


Ida Ellen and her sister, Alice, first became members of ATCA in the early 1960’s. Later they resigned either in 1972 or 1973 and renewed their membership again in 1981. Their first Aussie, Venetia was acquired in 1963 and it was shortly after that they joined ATCA which began in 1957 (first recorded minutes). In 1966 their import CH Redberry Comrade “Laddie” was shown at Montgomery Kennel Club. 

Ida Ellen – wrote “David and Golith” for the 50th Anniversary of the ATCA. The article is very informative regarding the early years and the people involved in the establishment of the breed in America. In 1981 she was instrumental in the formation of the Raritan Valley Australian Terrier Club which is still in existence today. 

Ida Ellen has judged several sweepstakes and was the first to judge the ATCA Futurity in 2014. She was instrumental in updating the breed standard. She has been a speaker at several National Education Days regarding our breed standard. Ida Ellen has also served on the Board of Directors for several years. She is and has been active in judges’ education.


Ida Ellen has mentored many people in the breed. She is always willing to help people understand what an Aussie should look like and how it should also be able to perform its job. Ida Ellen is a lady that has dedicated most of her life to the Australian Terrier and to the Australian Terrier Club of America.



Margaret Reignier

If you asked Marge Reignier how she would like us to be remember her, she would say “as someone who loved her dogs and friends.”

Margaret Reignier was born, raised and still lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As a child she thought she would like to grow up and become a librarian.

She became interested in dogs as a young girl after her girlfriend took her to her first dog show. At that time, you could go to a show and sign up for Junior Showmanship on the spot, borrow a dog and show it. She loved showing and decided that one day she would get her own dog to show… the saga begins.

Marge had seen an Australian Terrier on the cover of Dog World magazine which also included a story on Nell Fox. She contacted Nell with questions about the breed and corresponded with her for quite a while before deciding that the Australian Terrier was the breed for her. A couple of months before her wedding to Mike Reignier she purchased her first puppy, Nicky, from a Lady in Green Bay who was from Australia and had brought dogs over with her when she married and moved to the US. Marge was still living at home at the time and had not checked with her parents before impulsively purchasing the puppy. Her parents would not allow Marge to keep the dog at their house, so her future Mother-in-Law kept the dog until after the wedding.

Nicky was not really show quality, but Marge decided she wanted to try showing him. When a judge took her aside and told her she would never do any winning with Nicky because Nicky had a physical flaw (I will leave that to your imagination). Marge was extremely embarrassed and decided to give up the show ring, train Nicky in obedience and concentrate on her new family. End of show career…. maybe?

Marge did become a homemaker and was content until her first child, Mike Jr. was two years old, Then the allure of the show ring beckoned. This time she contacted Nell Fox and purchased two dogs from Nell, one of which was Pleasantpastures Town Topic. Topic was a handful, but Marge persisted and was able to finish him to his championship. When she wanted to purchase another dog, she decided to import a dog from Pat Connors in Australia. Of course, any of you that have purchased dogs from Pat know that you never get just one dog. Marge ended up with two, Tinee Town Talk a Bit and Tinee Town Teazle. Teazle had an outstanding front and movement, and with careful selective breeding produced Crestwoods Charisma, Patty, who would become Marge’s foundation bitch. Patty was bred to Jennie Worthing’s dog, Taralee Fakir, and they produced Crestwoods Crackerjack

Jack was the ultimate show dog. His first big win, BiS, was in 1983 at Waukesha, Wisconsin. He would go on to win two more BiS, five National Specialty wins and 5 Regional Specialty wins, as well as countless Breed and Group wins. Marge is grateful to her friends, Jane Tenor, Ida Ellen Weinstock, Jean Condon, Kathy Huebing and Bob LaRoche, for their advice and expertise as well as their help in and out of the ring. Crestwoods Kennel established a name for itself as a kennel that produced sound balanced dogs with good fronts and good layback of shoulder.

After Mike’s retirement from Proctor and Gamble they built a beautiful home and kennel, in the Township of New Denmark WI, just south of Green Bay. They were married for 46 years before his premature death. They had three children, Mike Junior, Michelle, Melissa, and six Grandchildren. After Mikes’ death, and because of her declining health, Marge decided to sell the house and purchase a smaller more manageable home. She bought a small cozy cottage on the outskirts of Green Bay where she lives with a dog, two cats and is responsible for the care of numerous assorted wild birds. She enjoys grooming the pets she has placed while visiting with their owners. She also likes receiving phone calls from friends and setting up lunch dates with them. When asked what the most important things in her life were, she unhesitatingly states her family, her faith, and the many dogs she has been privileged to have bred and loved.



Ann Ridenour

Ann Ridenour became a member of ATCA in 1976.  Ann was the ATCA breed columnist for the AKC Gazette for many years.  Her wonderful articles helped showcase our breed and members.

Ann brought one of the first Australian Terriers into Arizona.  She has bred and exhibited Australian Terriers for many years under the kennel name “Cambridge”.  Ann has bred many Champions with good conformation and temperament.

Her love and dedication to the breed has been an asset to all the many people whom she has helped with their new Australian Terrier.  Ann was willing to give her time and expertise to anyone who needed help with grooming and training.

Ann was a founding member of Copperstate Australian Terrier Club.  She served in many different positions from President to Board of Directors over the years.  Ann also served as Specialty Chair and was always willing to help with the workings of the show.  Her Southwestern Hospitality was always well received by all exhibitors!  Ann opened her home to many of the club meetings and held the Annual Cinco de Mayo party at her house where we were always greeted by the Cambridge crowd!

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