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Breed presentations were suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions but are slowly starting again.

Requests for a Breed Presentation or Ringside Mentoring at the National Specialty may be made by using the fillable form below and sending to the email address on the form.

Request for Breed Presentation or Ringside Mentoring at the National Specialty

Requests for a Breed Presentation OR Ringside Mentoring at times other than at the National Specialty may be made by send an email to Jane Tenor at or Kim Occhiuti at  You can use the form linked below to send your request to Jane and/or Kim. 

Request for Breed Presentation and/or Ringside Mentoring

For more information on Australian Terrier breed mentoring please see the Mentor Training Program.

Nov. 2023 Mentor List



Australian Terrier At a Glance (Suitable as a Quick Reference Card)

Australian Terrier At A Glance Expanded Text

 Being Revised:    Judges’ Education Presentation (PDF with notes )updated June 30, 2021

Breed Standard (updated April 7, 2021)

Clarification of acceptable colors in the Australian Terrier (2018)

Letter to Judges on Coat Color (1997)

Being Revised:  The Illustrated Standard

Being Revised:  Judging the Australian Terrier 2014 (the examination)

Being Revised:  Judging the Australian Terrier 2015 (form follows function)



Part 1 – The Talkabout Issue 1, 2018

Part 2 – The Talkabout Issue 2, 2018

Part 3 – The Talkabout Issue 3, 2018

Part 4 – The Talkabout Issue 4, 2018

The Standard Broken Down

ShowSight Australian Terrier Breed Magazine


Summary of Articles

Pages 2-3             AKC Australian Terrier Breed Standard

                                AKC Approved April, 7, 2021

Pages 4-6             Australian Terrier Club of America Breed Standard                             Sue Bachman

                                The Breed Standard from 1960, to 1970, to 1988

Pages 7-8             Judging Australian Terriers                                                                         Ida Ellen Weinstock, Jane tenor

                                Jan 2013 Article

Pages 9-10          Judging the Australian Terrier                                                                      Jane Tenor, Ida Ellen Weinstock

                                April 2015 Article

Pages 11-13       Judging Australian Terriers                                                                             Jane Tenor

                                Feb 2014 Article

Pages 14-16       Australian Terriers – Ready, Willing & Able                                                 Heather Rife, DVM

                                May 2023 Article

Pages 17-19       A Guide to Understanding the Australian Terrier Head                           Ida Ellen Weinstock, Jane Tenor

                                Nov 2021 Article

Pages 20-22       Australian Terrier Tails, Docked & Undocked                                           Alexa Samarotto

                                Nov 2021 Article-changes to Standard for Tails & Dewclaws

Pages 23-25       Australian Terriers as a Performance Dog                                               Heather rife, DVM

                                April 2015 Article

Pages 26-27       The Need for Australian Terrier Sustainability                                         Vickie McKee

                                March 2019 Article

Pages 28-31       Australian Terrier Club of America National Specialty Show               Connie Clark

                                June 2018 Article

Pages 32-33       Thoughts on Australian Terrier Color                                                        Alexa Samarotto

                                July 2017 Article

Pages34-35        The Early History of Australian Terriers, also known as Aussies         Carol Sazama

                                July 2017 Article

Page 36                Grooming the Australian Terrier, a View Over Time                             Jane Tenor

                                July 2017 Article

Pages 37-38       A Visit with Lydia                                                                                             Lydia Goiffon

                                June 2023 Article

Pages 39-41       Guide to Understanding Australian Terrier Proportions                       Jane Tenor, Ida Elen Weinstock

                                June 2023 Article

Pages 42-44       The Grand Little Dog                                                                                     Leslie Hoy, Julie M Seaton

                                Jan 2013 Article

Pages 45-46       The Australian Terrier                                                                                   Vandra Huber, Mareth Kipp

                                March 2019 Article

Pages 47-52       Survey of the Spirited Australian Terrier                                                  Diana Fenton, Gloria Gringer, Darle

                              March 2016 Article                                                                                          Heck, Jerry Klein, Virginia Lyne, Linda

                                                                                                                                                         More, Charlotte Patterson, Jay

                                                                                                                                                         Richardson, Claudia Seaberg, Pat Trotter

Pages 53-57       The Australian Terrier                                                                                   Kerrie Bryan, Grace Massey, Cheryl

                              March 2019 Article                                                                                          Mechalke, Kim Occhiuti, Alexa

                                                                                                                                                         Samarotto, Teresa Schreeder, Julie Seaton

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