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Need some help?

Check out these informative videos.

Grooming the Rear and Tail of the Aussie

View the ATCA video Grooming the Tail and Butt of the Australian Terrier on Vimeo.

New Grooming Video for Pet & Show Dogs

This is a set of 8 videos that provide a step by step how to groom your Aussie for either show or as a tidy pet.  The video set also includes a discussion of grooming tools and bathing products.

This video is available for sale to the public in the Aussie Store . It may be ordered In the Aussie Store and paid for via Paypal.

Please check back, as more videos will are in the process of being made to help with grooming.

Your ATCA breeder will also be able to help you with any additional grooming questions you might have.

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