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2023 Specialty Meal Choices

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Specialty MealsOnly select options desired for 1 person at a time.

After making selections click “ADD TO CART”, then you can click on the “CONTINUE SHOPPING” button and return or order for another person.

Buy all 4 meals and save, only $185.    * Denotes a REQUIRED entry.





2023 Specialty Meals:  Order for only 1 person at a time.  After you make the selections for the first person’s meals and click add to cart, you can click on the “Continue Shopping” button to return and make an order for another person, when finished selecting, click on checkout to pay.

Click the box to pick the meal or option you want to reserve, or click on No Meal.  Make only 1 selection of the 3 options on the Box Lunch Meal and the Banquet Meal.

The individual Breakfast meal is $35, the Fiesta Buffet is $60, the Box Lunch is $22, and the Banquet meal is $80.
MEAL DEAL – SAVE, if you get 1 of each (Breakfast, Fiesta, Box & Banquet), it is only $185 instead of $197.

The RSVP meals (Welcome Night & ATCC BBQ Lunch) are at no cost, but you MUST select Yes to attend the Welcome Night and/or BBQ Lunch.

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Breakfast $35, No Breakfast


Lunch Box Turkey and Bacon $22, Lunch Box Chicken Very Berry Salad $22, Lunch Box Veggie $22, No Lunch

Fiesta Buffet

Fiesta Buffet $60, No Fiesta Buffet


Banquet Beef $80, Banquet Chicken $80, Banquet Vegetable $80, No Dinner

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