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Welcome to the Australian Terrier Club of America, Inc’s website.  On this website you can find all types of information about our beloved breed, the Australian Terrier (also called Aussies).  The topics shown on the main menu (on the royal blue bar) have dropdown menus and some sub-menu topics.  Feel free to browse the website and check out any items that interest you.  Any questions or concerns may be addressed to the ATCA webmaster at:

If you are using your cell phone to browse the website, the best way to view the website is by holding the phone in the horizontal position. 

Funny Stories for the Talkabout

Attention All Aussie Lovers
The ATCA Talkabout needs stories that made you laugh at a dog show or performance event. Open to all who show or do performance events. These stories could be about something with friends in or outside the show. Could be about forgotten show clothes or equipment, going into the ring with wrong dog or in wrong class, etc. Any funny memory that brings a smile. We have all had our moments so share them and the smiles. Send stories and/or photos to


Send your photos to Grace at:
DEADLINE July 31, 2024!
1. No other dog breeds in image. Aussies only!
2. Horizontal image, greater than 1 MB in size
3. DO NOT CROP – if you want to specify the image to be cropped, I can do it for you. That way I can make the image the size needed for the cover and keep it the best resolution for printing.
4. No recognizable people in image. A hand, foot or other body part is OK if it adds to the story the image is telling.
5. Aussies in action or in unique locations are always welcome!
6. If there is a distracting item in the image, I can remove it for you. Be careful if you modify yourself as many AI modifications leave tell-tell auras and bleeds.
7. All submitted photos become the property of ATCA.

Spotlight on Therapy Dogs

This section features a Spotlight on Therapy Dogs.  This will include an interview with the Aussie’s owner with photos and/or videos of the Aussie performing therapy work.   July 2024 features the Spotlight on Therapy Dogs with Pat Goshorn, Pippa, Rusty and Bekka.


The “Ask Me About My Australian Terrier” Decal is available for 1 decal for $2.25 in the Aussie Store (under Physical Products) at:

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The Australian Terrier Club of America is looking for Australian Terriers to participate! All Australians Terriers are welcome including rescue dogs or dogs from breeders, AKC is now accepting foreign Australian Terriers for the project. Cost is postage otherwise it is FREE! Come one come all.  Link to request Kits:

AKC Genetic Diversity Project

The canine genome was built on one dog, a boxer. As technology improves and becomes more affordable, more and more canine genomes can be generated to add to our knowledge. The AKC DNA Program’s Genetic Diversity Project is an exciting new initiative to develop the world’s premier database of canine genomic information. This database will generate whole genome sequences of 4000 dogs, representing all AKC-recognized breeds. Using AKC’s rich historical pedigrees, these dogs will represent the genetic diversity of breeds today.

Genetic tests rely on robust breed-specific data, and many health tests were developed in the context of one breed. Caution should be made when extrapolating test results for a separate breed, or even a subgroup of the same breed. Public genomic sequences of dogs are expanding rapidly, but not all breeds are represented equally. For more common breeds, these sequences may not reflect the full spectrum of genetic diversity within the breed.

Historically, when breeders are concerned about a health problem in their breed, a researcher collects samples for at least one to two years. Once they have enough study participants, they then perform the DNA sequencing and bioinformatics that may result in a publication a few years later. With this program, we hope to have data readily available, and therefore remove the years of delay needed for sample collection. It also removes the time and cost of sequencing, so researchers can jump right to the bioinformatics and validation. More effort can then be placed on the crucial step of validation. Once a novel genetic variant is identified, researchers look for the variant in a new group of dogs, separate from the initial group used to find the variant.

Validation helps breeders interpret a novel finding, identify the prevalence of a genetic variant within their breed, and understand the prevalence in other breeds. Often, a genetic variant may be developed in one breed, but may not translate to disease in another.

Sharing of data will be structured under academic data grants, similar in concept to the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

Just a few of the 2024 ATCA Calendars left to purchase

Pre-Order the 2024 ATCA Calendar by either sending payment and your mailing address tp:  Grace Massey, 4343 Mallard Dr., Gloucester, VA 23061  OR purchase via the Aussie Store


2025 is now upon us. Now is the opportunity for ATCA members to reserve the front cover of the Talkabout for the remaining 3 Issues in 2024. The cost is $200. Back cover is $75 and full-page color ads are $50 and are available for ATCA members.  Contact Susan Mason or Darlene Evans (email addresses below) to reserve your ad. Showcase your Aussies.
Looking for a paragraph or more about why you chose an Australian Terrier.
WANTED:  Funny stories about events that have happened at dog events, conformation, performance, or just hanging out with your friends and Aussies.
Always looking for pictures of Aussies being Aussies.
Brags are always welcomed.
If anyone would like to assist and join, please let us know.  Talkabout Committee:  Susan Mason – Chair — 
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