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Characteristics of the Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is a small, sturdy, medium-boned working terrier...

Standing about 10-11 inches in height at the withers. The body is rather long in proportion to height, with a long slightly arched neckline. Its head should be long and strong, with pricked ears, and dark, black-rimmed eyes.

The coat is harsh and straight, about 2 inches in length all over its body, with a distinctive ruff and apron, and a soft, silky topknot. The tail is docked, leaving slightly less than one half, and should be held erect.

Aussies come in three colors... Blue & Tan, Solid Sandy, and Solid Red.

As befits their heritage as versatile workers, Australian Terriers are sound and free-moving, with good reach and drive. Their expression should be keen and intelligent, their manner spirited and self-assured.

Australian Terrier Temperament

The Australian Terrier was developed as a companion and will be happiest when with "his" people.

Aussies are not suited to living outside, or spending long hours in a run or fenced yard alone. They are happiest when in close contact with their families. Australian Terriers are born diggers, as "going to ground" is part of their heritage.

They are excellent jumpers, and it is nearly impossible to teach an Aussie to resist the urge to chase squirrels, rabbits, cats, etc. Aussies were bred to hunt vermin, and this instinct is still very strong in their temperaments.

Aussies are natural watch dogs, and will sound the alarm should any strange dog or person approach the house. Terriers in general are very lively and outgoing, and have a high energy level that does not make them suitable pets for everyone. As with other terriers, they can be dog-aggressive and somewhat bossy, and care must be taken when living in a multi-pet household. In general, adult male terriers do not get along well with other adult male dogs.

For more insights on what it's like to live with an Australian Terrier, please see the ATCA breeder article about Aussies on Cindy Tittle-Moore's FAQ page.


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